Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Clan Blair Society AGM

This past weekend in Littleton, Colorado, the Clan Blair Society met for their annual meeting at the Colorado Scottish Festival and Rocky Mountain Highland Games. Co-Commissioner Jim Blair and I played host for the gathering of Society members from Virginia to California. It was a delightful mixture of people of all ages.

The Clan Blair Society Board met on Friday afternoon to try and resolve old issues and to find the focus for going forward. I still haven't waded thru all of the minutes from the meeting, but will, in time.

Friday evening, we had an informal BBQ at Chez Blair on Jack Ass Hill for those Society members already in town. There was great company, food and conversation, whilst enjoying a lovely Colorado evening on the deck of the Blair House. Many thanks to Adoree as well, for the hospitality of her's and Jim's home. Their daughters, Erynn and Dyani brought some fine desserts (and no, Dyani, there weren't too many chocolate chips) too.

On Saturday, Jim Blair, my father, Dr. E. Allan Blair, our President, Helen Blair and her husband, Bob Blair, our Membership Chairman and our Past President, Dr. Bill Blair were on the field by 9:00 am for the final set up of the Clan Education and Hospitality booth. The wind had been our enemy on Friday as the side walls of the tent were acting like sails. I was afraid our pop-up was going to end up in Nevada or some such.

The day was then spent stamping Passports for the children, reading thru the literature that Helen graciously lugged from Arizona (nearly 50 pounds of it) as we all tried to find out more about our Blair connections. After the sandwich bar lunch was served, we held our Clan Meeting. Helen gave us her President's report, Bob gave us his Membership report and Helen also gave us what reports from the officers not in attendance had been sent to her.

We then had a lovely banquet at the The Celtic Tavern in Littleton. The event included a proper "Ode to the Haggis" presented by Torin Blair (Jim and Adoree's younger son). He certainly does a bang up job with the broad Scots of Robert Burns' famous ode to that master o' the pudding race. Steve Hawthorne from the Isle of Mull Pipe and Drum Band of The Saint Andrew's Society of Colorado graciously piped the haggis in for us, Mike Galligan (Jim and Adoree's son-in-law) bore in the Whiskey and Rob Blair (Jim and Adoree's older son) bore in the haggis.

If you ever happen to be in Littleton or Denver do take the opportunity to have your supper at the Tavern. The food and service were excellent and the hospitality could not have been better.

Sunday was spent in more conversations, more research and leave taking as our out of town visitors departed for their homes. We had over forty Blairs visit with us this weekend. To toot our own horn, I believe that Jim and I did a great job hosting this year's AGM weekend as the comments to us have reflected our visiting members enjoyment and pleasure in the whole experience.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG!!! I was going to ask if you had haggis, but it was truly the real deal; the ode, the pipes, the WORKS!!!!
Sounds like it was a lot of fun, fun,FUN!!!!

SleepyEyes said...

Very cool! I love your pictures!

Nicola said...

So...the collective term for Blairs is a Buncha Blairs, eh?

Looks like fun...


Leslie said...

@Nic, Bunch O'Blairs maybe, as we are Scots-Irish?

@Gina, thanks, dollface. Check out my photo album on FB, many more there..

Diana Troldahl said...

It looks like a wonderful time!
My own family reunion gatherings on the Miller/muller/Keim side fetured Souse, still one of my favorite Mennonite dishes.

sapphireblue said...

Sorry I've been so absent, but the morning sickness is subsiding so I am catching up on my blog reading.

My hubby's family is from the clan Murray of Athole. They are usually at that festival. I have pics of them somewhere, I'll have to email them to you.

Ces said...

Oh I missed this. Oh he is cute! We have a Scottish nurse and she has the most adorable accent!