Thursday, January 29, 2009

MeMe about Me

So, my friend, Lini, the Essex Hooker challenged us to do this MeMe. It's pictorial, so here are the pictures of the 10 things about Me.

1) Something I use daily. French Coffee Press
2) A view from a window of my house.
3) My favourite colour. Sleeve of an Olivey Green Shrug
4) My mode of transport. My Pick Up if I can't get a Limo, LOL
5) My Yarn (felt, paint etc) stash.
6) My bad habit! Cigarettes
7) My extravagance. Books
8) My breakfast. Coffee
9) My pets. Pan
10) One word to describe me. Eccentric

So, Now it is Your Turn. Copy the Questions and Post Them to Your Blog...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I want your yarn basket.
No, I must DEMAND that basket full of yarn!!! (like I don't have any....)
The Jack Sparrows are starting the intarsia band! YAY!!!!
You need more yarn, then you can smoke less. ;)

talumirage said...

Naughty you with the ciggies ;)
I gave up in August, after smoking since I was 15 and a bit. It's so hard. Boyface quit too (not really though) so that should make it easier... it's not!

I LOVE Pan's little jester/harlequin collar! Mummy also loves it. We think he is v.cute but I can't hug him or I'll sneeze.

Saw a pattern in one of the "Learn to felt for idiots" books I've borrowed/bought/bartered to make a press cosy. Would you like one?

Also, new sheeplets are in the making. Mum says they don't look like the first clan. I think they do... so argumentative!

"spadingl" is my word... lol

talumirage said...

Oh yes, also, mummy smokes methol cigs and says well done you. ;)

Leslie said...

Yes, Pan is so cute in his Christmas get up, but you should see his face when he wears it. He's like "Come On, I am a CAT, I don't do silly gear"... Sneer, sneer. We always know where he is with the bells on tho..

I have thought about doing a cozy in felted something, but I have quilted one, so I thought why bother, but if you want too... It's the big one by the way...

Jan said...

I love peeking at people's bookshelves and seeing what they read. Mine are covered with dust, yours look so clean! I suppose if I was photographing one of my shelves for publication I would dust it first. This was an interesting look at your personality.

Leslie said...

That's a frequently used shelf of books and right at eye level. The only book shelf in the house that maybe more dustfree.

Judy said...

I do know Darla from Boulder. I was in CS with Barb, Karlend, Diane, and Kim for knitting on our machines. Great time.

Leslie said...

Oh, I would love to have met you when you were here. I am a proud owner of a pair of Darla Circular Sock Machine Socks with Fun Fur even..