Friday, January 9, 2009

How I Spent my Day and Remember to Close the Cabinet Door

Yesterday afternoon was a gorgeous 65 degrees or there about, here in the Springs. I went over to my BFF, Rebecca's house to work on a project that we are putting together. I brought a big P.O.T (Plastic Organizer Thingy) of embroidery thread, a big P.O.T. of bead stuff and a few bags of fabrics. I should have taken the P.O.T.s of ribbons and buttons, too.

We were putting together crazy quilt block kits, nine blocks about 6x6 with fabrics, trims and embellishments all in a bag made from one of the fabrics that probably was included in the kit. We made 6 all together from start to finish. Two gold/cream, two Americana, two based on a fall corduroy print focus fabric. We cut pieces with scissors, whinged about the rotary cutter (which literally came apart in my hands) stuffed little zip top bags with beads, threads, sequins, buttons and ribbons.

The pictures show that red-head missy, Rebecca, the chaos in the kitchen as we worked and the view we enjoyed. As to the comment about the cabinet door in the title, I clocked myself, nearly saw stars and got a headache, SO, close those doors before you lean down to the floor to grab fabric.

We also ate a snack of Mexican goodies and sat out in the sun on the front porch with a magnificent view of Cheyenne Mountain and Pike's Peak. We watched a Red - Tail hawk soar over the golf course and there were robins in the lilac bush.

At the moment however, it is snowing... Welcome to Colorado!


Frewen said...

Hope that headache
is all gone now - from a fellow self induced nose ache person lol!

Corvus said...

Wasn't that weather lovely? It was just about the same up here in Fort Collins, and I spent a good chunk of the day biking about.

I've got my fingers crossed for more days like that.

Leslie said...

Today, however, we have snow... Yesterday, was indeed grand however... Thanks for stopping by.

DancesWithPitBulls said...

Good times........looking forward to finishing these up and doing more and making some $$$$$$$. How was your girl's night? Illinois romped Indiana :)