Monday, November 21, 2011

Sarah and Wendy's Lost Quilts

PLEASE help get these quilts home! This past summer, Anne Copeland of the Fiberarts Connection curated the exhibit “Then and Now” that was on display at the Mancuso shows in New Hampshire (World Quilt Competition) and California (Pacific International Quilt Festival, PIQF, Santa Clara). The Mancuso show folks returned all the quilts to Annie, who in turn packed them up to return to their owners. All but four have made it home; alas, it appears that two of Sarah Ann Smith's quilts and two of Wendy L. Starn’s quilts are currently lost and unaccounted for since about October 11th. That's over a month. If you see these quilts for sale anywhere, PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!

As far as can be figured, Annie shipped out most of the boxes on October 11th at an Office Depot near her home in Lomita, California; they are a postal acceptance facility. Those quilts were packed in Flat-Rate Medium USPS (US Postal Service) boxes; all of those for which she has a receipt and tracking numbers were delivered. Several days later Annie made two trips to the US Post Office in Lomita. One trip was for the international shipments (to Canada and the Netherlands) and another was for domestic mail. Annie had tracking numbers for six of seven boxes known to ship that day, and all are marked as delivered according to the USPS Tracking and the seventh box the recipient has said she received her quilts. Of those who answered my e-mail, everyone had opened their boxes and received only their own quilts (and with the size of the box it would be pretty hard to fit in extras).

That leaves the four quilts – as shown in these small images above that have gone missing.

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