Friday, June 4, 2010

#105 of 365 - Leslie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

otherwise known as the Cat Attack.


Carole said...

Oh, NO!! What happened??
A domestic cat, I hope... not rabid!

Leslie said...

Carole, it was my own guy who blew thru the screen and scairt himself and me..

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG!!!! Leslie!
I think I would have declawed kitty with a pair of pliers.
Are you okay???


Margi said...

I'm thinking that kitty probably needs to loose at least the front claws. Wowser that looks like it hurts. Sending healing thoughts to you.

Nicola said...


Wicked said...

As the owner of the cat, and the daughter of the "victim", I feel it is my duty to chime in.

1) He was scared. He is not an outdoor cat at all, and something caused him to freak and go outside in the first place, which then just being outside caused him to freak even more and attack his "rescuer". It quite literally was a freak accident, as when and if he ever gets outside at any other time, he simply meows and allows you to fetch him back inside. He has never attacked when being rescued.

2) Anyone who declaws their cats in this day and age should have their own fingernails torn out "with a pair of pilers", and then have their fingers chopped off at the knuckle, which is exactly what you are suggesting to be done to an animal that cannot voice it's own opinion on the matter. Declawing a cat can cause severe mental and physical problems, even just on a kitten, on a fully adult cat there is not a vet who would ever condone such action. (Spaying and Neutering is a different subject, and though I know a dog or cat might object to getting it's balls lopped off, it is necessary to do so to be a responsible pet parent.)

Her (my mother) legs are healing. But anyone who even suggested what they did in these comments should be ashamed and there is a special place for you animal abusers, right next to Michael Vick.

Diana Troldahl said...

Holey Crow!!
I hope you are healing well.

g-girl said...

ack!!! BAD cat.