Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#100 of 365 - Big Weekend and a Big Kilt

You all, dear readers will just have to forgive me for not posting since last week.

It all started on Friday afternoon with finding the shoes for both the bride-to-be and the MotBtb for the wedding in October. Whoo-hoo, another task off the wedding to-do list (a really big one, as shoes are difficult for the both of us).

Then the last regular season Avs game at the Can (the Pepsi Center, thus the nick-name). This was the last opportunity for Erin to see an NHL hockey game in an arena before she leaves for the UK this summer. After the game, we went and spent the night at Castle Judd and heard some really hopeful news on the home front.

From there, I segued to the Colorado Tartan Day celebration in Arvada all the long day on Saturday. Curtis, Boo and I were dressed in our garb as Ren Scots and out the door by 7:00 am. The village was up and operational by 9:00 am. Sadly, as my camera is now officially dead and not replaced as yet and I am the only one that is remotely regular about taking photos, there are no photos of the event for me to share with you.

Then it was back home to the Springs and the item referenced in the title of this blog. I made a big kilt and I made it all by myself without Judy's help and I think I did a pretty great job on it, all in all. I just came up for air today as the kilt is FINISHED and going into the mail overnight tomorrow to the Carolinas.

This is a picture of the kilt I made for my Da, but you get the idea...

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