Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009 Long's Peak Scot/Irish Festival

It was a typical second weekend of September. There was sun, wind, rain and snow on the higher elevations when we woke on Sunday morning.

The weekend in spite of the weather was a great time had by all. Quite of few new Blair faces came to visit with us over the course of the weekend. Jim and Adoree brought their usual contingent and even Erin came up on Saturday.

It was wonderful to see my friend Lysa and her family from Nederland. Lysa and I went to the same HS in NJ. It was also a treat to see, from Colorado Springs, Father John Pahls, the designer of the Colorado State Tartan and Kirk and Rebecca and Lynn and Sharon with their soft-coated Wheaten Terriers. As always, it was a treat to see the various current and former members of the Ren Scots, Bill and Michelle, Robin, Cliff and Virg, and Bob who all came by to say hello and share a wee dram or two. Along with Yvonne, Scott and Julie, Kirsten, Ross and Hannah and their auntie, Erin, most of my favorite peeps made an appearance. I totally forgot to mention Friday night at Lonigan's with the Indulgers. John Barb, Nancy and Ted and I went together, where we also encountered the Coffeys, Larry and a few other band fan regulars.

I didn't get too many pictures taken this weekend as my camera decided to act up at key moments. However, if you are on Facebook there will be many pictures showing up there I am sure.


Jan said...

Looks as though everyone is enjoying themselves, you included. Too bad about your camera but I'm sure you will be able to recall your good memories of this time without a hundred photos.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Aye Lassie! A man in a kilt!!!! Brings up me Scottish/Irish blood.
Brings up any blood available!! LOL!!!
Looks like a great time was had by all and will be watching on FB for more of the festivities!
Now back to the studio for a few minutes, or half hour, then I quit for the day.

Anne.....of Stewart and MacCarty tartan blood

Diana Troldahl said...

I always love your Scots weekend blogs :-}
Next best thing to going knee-scoping meself.

Ces said...

Anne, you are so cute! The photo of the mountain is fantastic. I miss Colorado. I love men in quilts!

Feltmaker said...

What a hoot - that cop in a kilt on a whatchamacallit is to die for lol

Lynx said...

You must be so proud of Erin, I love the photo of her with her knitting.... My offspring refuse to learn the Beloved Fiber Arts, and it breaks my heart. So, glad that YOUR kid is smart! ;-)