Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Almost Over - Election Day 2008

If you haven't yet, get out and vote. If you have, like I did, early, good on you. My daughter voted by mail two weeks ago and I voted early last week. I was surprised by the crowd at early voting. Really glad that I carry knitting with me at all times. I got 6 rows knitted on a charity hat while moving along to the poll workers. I think the jury is still out on those Diebold voting machines though. We will see what we will see when it's all said and done. However, I cannot wait for this day to be over as I am tired of the mean spiritness and sniping of the campaign ads. Whatever the outcome, if you didn't cast your vote, I feel that you cannot complain. If you voted you took an action and therefore I feel that one is entitled to whinge and complain...As I sat out side this morning communing with the ether, I was amazed by the sky. I took pictures and I will post them too. The time change is still playing havoc with my sleep and rising patterns so it was sunrise when I went out. That old rhyme came into my head, "Red Sky at Night, Sailor's Delight, Red Sky at Morn, Sailors Be Warned. The clouds were reflecting red all over the sky, very kewl. On to better things, on the art front, I did my first pin weaving. I will post a pix as soon as I get them downloaded. It's a little piece about 4x4 inches. It's got a pearl cotton warp and a loverly hand-dyed bamboo yarn in yellow to magenta fading to apricot in some places weft that my friend Cherie from Farm Fresh Textiles sent me to make a chemo hat for another friend of ours.

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