Friday, April 1, 2011

My Apologies - Olio

Obviously, I have not posted in aeons. FB has fulfilled the need so often to express myself or vent, that this wee blog has suffered as a consequence.

I have been to England since I last posted. Istill need to sort out the photos. However, I have sketches for two new quilts. I have started the quilt based on a section of floor at Winchester Cathedral with the Stonehenge Line to mimic the slabs of stone used in the section I sketched. I also am planning a new quilt based on a section of Stonehenge. I made one with Hale-Bopp in the evening sky already. The new one will be a fall tree colour in the daytime...

Been making costumes for Steampunk events,here's the Wiki Link explaining it. Steampunk. I have also beeen knitting on many various items, some of which are even complete.

I bought a new spinning wheel this year as well. It's the Thurmaston Suitcase from Timbertops. We are still getting to know each other however.

I finally finished painting the wheel of my Louet with a Celtic Knot and thistles. I think it turned out well.

For a gal who had only one spindle up to three years ago and who now owns two wheels and 4 spindles, I'd say I've been bitten hard by the spinning bug.

Have been busy as well helping out the dear daughter with her yarn business. I have also been nick-named the Mama Minion but the other minions.

We went to Garden of the Gods with the Judd Family the other day and it was a treat as always.

I am sure that there is lot's more I should tell you about, but that will be left for the next post.

How about that, this is a post with NO pictures taken by me, LOL