Saturday, May 15, 2010

#104 of 365 - New to Me and Painted New to Me

Here is the start of the painting of the big wheel on my used but new to me Louet spinning wheel that I got last year. There are still thistles to come, but I discovered that I don't have the paint colours I need. Can you believe that, with a bucket o'paints we have, Erin? However, the irony continued as the drive band broke last night on the wheel, which meant no spinning, yikes! Fortunately, Table Rock had one in stock, so I am happily spinning again.

The photo was taken with my used but new to me Sony Cyber Shot camera with a Zeiss lens that I got yesterday.

I am so much happier now.

Just a note: Sadly, Louet has discontinued this model with it's lovely painting surface.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

#103 of 365 - Isn't it Ironic

I finally upgraded to a digi camera about 6 or 7 years ago. Such a deal, it even came with a printer. I was really happy with it, but for the fact I couldn't get extra photo cards for it. I mean to say, no matter how many I tried or the different brands of cards I tried, none of them could be read by my camera. Even Target gave me my money back on an electronic (which is normally against their policy, read the fine print) as the employee in the electronics department couldn't get one to read either. So for years, I muddled along with one card and downloading every picture I took as soon as possible. Then I mentioned my plight to our Rebecca (who apparently is officially old now). She say to me, she says, I have a few cards from Jack's old camera, want to try them? So we trade off and lo and behold 2 out of 3 WORK! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Then my camera died.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

#102 of 365 - Wee Dancer and her Seamstress

Today was the Kirkin o' the Tartan at Saint John's Cathedral in Denver, CO. Herewith is a picture of our little Bella, who debuted both as a dancer and wearing a Dress Blair kilt, no less!

The fabric arrived last week and I put my head down and whipped through the sewing to ensure that she was able to wear her dance kilt for the Kirkin' today. I must say, it's a challenge to get 180 inches of fabric down to 22 inches with the aprons.