Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Strong Woman Day - 10 June

"The Need for Change Bulldozed a Road Down the Center of My Mind". Maya Angelou

Today is Strong Woman Day, so declared by the Quilt Mavericks. We dedicated this day to all the strong women in our lives. It is for those that have been heavily laden and borne the burdens and prevailed.

Over the last week or so, we as a group have discovered something about ourselves that both surprises us and give us strength and hope. One of our friends is going through a really rough patch and we are sending prayers and strength to her this day. We are also dedicating this day to her and all our strong sisters who have prevail over incredibly tough times and assholes..

I have shared the experiences of many of the women in our group. I have survived. This day is dedicated to all the women who have survived.

Here's a link to a site with a list of Strong Women . Obviously, the list is incomplete as my mother isn't on it, nor is my daughter. The strong women pictured here today are Eleanor Roosevelt, a stateswoman and knitter; Maya Angelou, poet and actress; Veronica Franco, poet and courtesan and Freida Khalo, artist and writer.

Edited to include links to my QM friend's blogs. Here are the links to Margi's Blog and Deidre's Blog , which are also about this new day of celebration. Sarah, Cindy , JulieZS and Margaret have all blogged about Strong Woman Day as well. We are all long time members of the Quilt Mavericks and have laughed, cried, made loveys and threatened drive by basting and rotary cutter mayhem in support of our sisters in need. We have also used mention of it as our status on FB and we have even Twittered (or Tweeted) it.

Edited at 8:40 pm MDT
So, Anne where the hell are you? Been thinking about you all day! You are a Strong Woman too!


Margi said...

I'm with you my Mav sister! Thank you for being a part of my life!

Love Margi

mdrozdis said...

Leslie, I hope you started a national event. You're one of the strongest women I know. No matter if this idea takes off or not, I'm glad to give recognition to those strong women in my sphere.

Julie ZS said...

Love it Leslie, great post!

Margaret Ball said...

This IS a national event. There are QuiltMavs everywhere!

Leslie said...

We are legion. Going to read your blog post now, Margaret.